Monday, May 14, 2018

Monday May 14, 2018 - Ready For Summer?

8th gaders are here today and tomorrow, then no more...

Entrance Ticket - Ready for Summer?
When subscribing, sometimes you will need information that maybe you don’t think you have… 
like a “company” or sometimes they will not accept a @gmail email address.  Here is what I 
recommend: Use an email you will have access to next year or 2 years from now. Use your real 
name, address, email and phone number, typically I do not get any phone calls.  Use SVCTE as 
the “company” name. If they ask you for a “Job Title”, or “What Do You Do”, select “Student” 
if that is an option, otherwise select something like “Design Engineer” or “Research & Development”.  
Pick a password that is different than your email or Instagram… but that you will always remember.
  • SunPower Horizons Summer Program Round Up -  June 11-June 15  - 7:15-4:00
    • Student apps:Here is the link to apply: It is also on the flyer (attached).
    • Transportation: 
      I will have a map of San Jose and Will be identifying bus pick up sites
  • Looking at the student list attached, students are from these schools:

  1. Willow Glen HS
  2. Yerba Buena HS
  3. San Jose HS
  4. Leland HS

  1. Logistics on Site:

  • Caterer’s will be Marios Taco Truck for breakfast; and then each day a catered lunch… Panda Express, Togos, Olive Garden, Pizza, Noah’s Bagel, etc.
  • Any One Interested in Making a Battle Bot? Want to be on my team?
 Class Agenda:
  • 8th Graders
  • Entry Ticket - 10 min (see top of Blog for today)
  • Lets Look at some BATTLEBOTS
  • Setup for 8th Graders
  • Install Xilinx Software
  • Open Lab time - Robot Project, Coding Project, Vex Robot Project
    • If you work on your Robot Project, make sure you update your Robot project page and make a blog post. Robot Projects Please Submit a Blog post
9:20 - 9:30 - Cleanup

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